Universal Endorsement Aid

    Endotarting is when you, as a World Assembly nation, go around to every other World Assembly nation in a region and endorse them. This is great for other people's nations because it increases their endorsement and influence census stats and gives them a warm fuzzy feeling. It's also great for you because it's the fastest way to get people to notice you and endorse you back.

    Tart.CalRef allows you to input a nation's name and the name of their region of residence, then receive an organised list of all nations they have not endorsed as of NationStates' last Major update (21:00-22:30 PDT). This site runs off of a dataset that is prepared every day by Calamity Refuge's maintenance routine, Nightly, which starts at midnight PDT. When the process finishes, the new data will be available here.

    Some governments have strict rules about how many endorsements a nation in their region is allowed to have. The onus is on the operator to be aware of the laws of their realm.

    Last Update: Mar 28 2023 at 00:01, PDT

    Why Endorsements Matter

      For most User-Created Regions (UCRs), influence is a great boon. In addition to providing you another potential gold 1% census badge, it's also a vital component of regional security.

      When an executive founder ceases to exist, either through inactivity, departure, or being deleted by NationStates moderators, the World Assembly Delegate of their region inherits all of their powers. An executive delegate can control almost all aspects of a region. Since a delegate is automatically elected by whoever has the most endorsements, players can band together and move into a region with little to no notice and conduct a hostile takeover. In these raids, it is possible to lose control to the point that the region and all its history and message content are irreversibly destroyed.

      One saving grace is that while a founder may ban nations for free, an executive delegate must spend influence equal to half the influence of the nation they wish to ban. Consequently, the more influence a nation has, the harder it is to ban them. Since influence in UCRs never decays, the earlier you start sending and receiving endorsements, the more influence you can build up, and the safer your region can be. This defence technique is called an Influence Fortress, and it is one of the most effective ways of ensuring your region is never destroyed by invaders.

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